When you want highly interactive eLearning that is designed to engage your learners, our specialist Articulate Storyline development services will help you meet your objectives.

To date, our team have designed and developed hundreds of elearning courses. Furthermore, a significant number have been created using Articulate Storyline. As a matter of fact, we even have our own resident Articulate Super Hero. As a result our expertise in Storyline is second to none.

Whether you are starting a new eLearning project or are looking to refresh your existing training courses, we have the experience to deliver fantastic results, both on time and within budget.

Examples of Articulate Storyline Development

Click the thumbnails below to take a closer look at some of the Articulate Storyline projects we have worked on.

As well as the examples shown below, we also have an extensive portfolio, as can be seen here.

Learn-2-Coach is a suite of bespoke eLearning modules, each focusing on a key coaching skill.

An award-winning example that helps learners understand the deadly effects of Ebola.

This fun eLearning game presents players with questions drawn at random.

Learn how Coronary Heart Disease affects real people with our informative eLearning demo.

Rapid-fire social media quiz developed with Articulate Storyline.

Randomly drawn questions add variety to this gamified quiz.

Articulate Storyline development meets 3D animation in this creative eLearning demo.

Recycle Old eLearning Courses With Articulate Storyline

Adobe will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to these new open formats.

In the event that you have existing eLearning courses that were built in Flash, then it’s worth thinking about how your courses will be viewed by learners after this date.

Get a better understanding of your options and learn how 4pt could help extend the life of your eLearning courses.

Working Out Loud

For Articulate Storyline development insights, in addition to eLearning demos and downloads, please take a look at our eLearning blog.

How to continue numbered lists in Articulate Rise

16s video explaining how to continue numbered lists after inserting a new block in Articulate Rise 360.

Articulate Storyline 360 Crossword Puzzle

Learn how to build a crossword puzzle in Articulate Storyline 360.

3 Gameshow Quiz Interactions

Three Gameshow-inspired eLearning quiz examples that help put the fun back into learning!

3D Rotation in Articulate Storyline (Updated April 2019)

Blending Fuse, the 3D modelling app from Adobe with Articulate Storyline we created a 3D character and linked the output to Storyline’s slider to create a rotating interaction.

eLearning Super Hero

*In 2017, 4pt’s David Tait was invited to join Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes Super Hero Programme. With upwards of 585,000 ELH community members, David is one of only 28 Articulate Super Heroes dotted around the globe.

Articulate Super Heroes help others by contributing to forum discussions, sharing ideas, and pointing people to helpful resources. The Super Heroes Programme recognises the powerful contributions made by Articulate Super Heroes to the ELH community.

David began his eLearning career in 2000. Prior to this David studied Graphic Design, following this up with further qualifications in Newspaper, Magazine and Infographic Design.

During his time working in the eLearning industry David has gained huge experience designing and developing eLearning content for clients in the UK, Canada and also the USA. To date, David has created eLearning courses that cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Retail and Sport through to Pet Nutrition, Marketing, Sales and Tourism.

He is passionate about creating well-designed and purposeful eLearning that inspires and engages learners.

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