Draw attention with illustration

Whether 4pt are building you a full-blown eLearning suite, you have a print campaign in need of resuscitation or you’re simply looking to add some sparkle to an in-house project, our illustrators are at your beck and call, ready to draw.

From medical illustration to children’s books, we have a variety of styles across the illustrators’ pool, meaning we have the depth to illustrate any subject matter in a way that best communicates your message.

Illustration and eLearning

Research has shown that the use of graphics and illustrations can help improve the quality of learning outcomes.

Learning occurs by the encoding of new information in the long-term memory. According to a theory called Dual Encoding, content communicated with text and graphics sends two codes — a verbal code and a visual code. By providing two opportunities to encode information to a learner’s long-term memory you can greatly increase their chances of learning.

Watch our whiteboard animation explaining the concept of Dual-coding Theory.

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