Getting the Most from Your eLearning Authoring Tool

Above all, understanding what you would like to acheive from your eLearning project is key to getting the most from any eLearning authoring tool.

To begin with, we approach a new eLearning project by discussing both your training needs and preferences. Not only does this help us to build a picture of what you want, but it also enables us to recommend the best solution for you. Obviously, selecting an eLearning authoring tool is a significant part of this, but the first thing to remember is that as with most things in life, you get out what you put in. eLearning authoring tools are no different.

Putting Quality First

Our skilled instructional designers will develop your eLearning content, and together with our in-house designers they will produce multimedia eLearning assets that enhance and support learning. Without a doubt, by only including high-quality content and assets in our eLearning courses can we ensure that no matter which authoring tool we use, we always deliver fantastic results.

Popular eLearning Authoring Tools

Overall there are lots of fantastic authoring tools available at this time. With this in mind, some of the most popular are listed below:

What If You Already Have an Authoring Tool

If you’ve already identified your preferred eLearning Authoring tool then that’s not a problem. Chances are we’ve probably used it before. However, if we haven’t got hands-on experience with your chosen tool at this time don’t worry. To put it another way, we are ready to get stuck in and start creating your eLearning in the authoring tool of your choice.

Recycle Your Old eLearning Courses

To say that we hate waste would be an understatement.

While it may be true that some eLearning content has a shelf life, this isn’t always the case. Allow us to explain. In reality, many organisations invested heavily in eLearning when Adobe Flash was the go-to eLearning authoring tool. When all the major browsers committed to ‘sunsetting’ Flash, a LOT of online training material became useless.

This undoubtably caused headaches for anyone who had spent their Learning and Development budget creating Flash-based eLearning content. Although there were some clear benefits to removing support for Flash, chiefly that is became dangerously insecure, opening up end users’ devices to hackers and viruses.

Benefits of Reusing Old eLearning Content

It is this waste that has inspired us to want to recycle your old eLearning courses. What’s more, we want to turn them in to shiny new ones. Undeniably, repurposing your old eLearning courses using a modern authoring tool has many benefits.

By reusing all the hard work that was put in when your original course was built, we can offer a cost-effective way to bring your content back to life. To put it another way, original content built using a modern authoring tool, equals secure and effective training solutions that your learners can access whenever they want and on a device of their choice. Furthermore, you earn an even better return on your original investment as a result.

4pt Limited eLearning Services


Give your learners the freedom to learn anywhere with our highly engaging eLearning solutions

4pt Limited Gamification Services


Applying game playing elements to eLearning courseware is a proven way of motivating learners and improving learning outcomes

4pt Limited Learning Management System Advice

Learning Management Systems

We can help you choose a Learning Management System to match the needs of your organisation before designing your eLearning around it

4pt Limited Multi-Device eLearning Development

Multi-Device eLearning

Multi-device eLearning is a cost-effective way to create content for smart phones, tablets and PCs

4pt Limited Instructional Design Services

Instructional Design

Whether you’re adapting existing material, starting from scratch or localising your content, 4pt can help make your life that little bit easier

4pt Limited eLearning Multimedia Asset Creation Services

eLearning Asset Creation

If you already have eLearning development capabilities but need extra resources to help get the job done then we can help

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