What is Instructional Design?

In simple terms, Instructional Design (ID) is the process of identifying a training need and addressing it by developing eLearning content that meets the defined learning objectives.

The Role of an Instructional Designer

4pt’s instructional designers undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Liaise with the Client Project Team and Subject Matter Experts to define the learning objectives.
  • Develop a structure for the learning material, shape content and create interactions that align to the learning objectives.
  • Collaborate with the Design Team to produce multimedia eLearning assets that support learning. Examples of assets include, animation, illustration, voiceover, video and face-to-face training aids.
  • Design assessments that check participant knowledge. Assessments help confirm that the learning objectives have been met and whether there are any knowledge gaps that must be addressed.

Starting a New eLearning Project

It’s daunting being asked to oversee the creation of a new eLearning course for your organisation. Thankfully this needn’t be the case. Whether you are adapting some existing learning content or starting from scratch, 4pt have the knowledge and experience to make your life easier.

Our instructional designers have taken hundreds of eLearning courses from start to finish. Collaborating with Subject Matter Experts they have developed eLearning on a wide range of topics, including courses covering Clinical Compliance Training, Pet Food Nutrition, Sports Coaching, Sales & Marketing and everything inbetween.

Localised Instructional Design for eLearning

eLearning Translation

Over the years a number of our courses have been translated in to additional languages, as a result our clients are able to reach a global audience.

We’ve worked with specialist translation houses to create a wide range of localised content in languages ranging from French, German, Italian and Spanish to Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese.

If you have an eLearning course that you’d like to translate in to another language, please get in touch.

4pt Limited eLearning Services


Give your learners the freedom to learn anywhere with our highly engaging eLearning solutions

4pt Limited Gamification Services


Applying game playing elements to eLearning courseware is a proven way of motivating learners and improving learning outcomes

4pt Limited Learning Management System Advice

Learning Management Systems

We can help you choose a Learning Management System to match the needs of your organisation before designing your eLearning around it

4pt Limited Multi-Device eLearning Development

Multi-Device eLearning

Multi-device eLearning is a cost-effective way to create content for smart phones, tablets and PCs

4pt Limited eLearning Multimedia Asset Creation Services

eLearning Asset Creation

If you already have eLearning development capabilities but need extra resources to help get the job done then we can help

4pt Limited eLearning Authoring Tools

Authoring Tools

Our experts know eLearning software inside-out so we’re able to recommend the authoring tool that suits you best

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