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When executed well eLearning games can form an important part of your eLearning strategy. 

From well known TV-show style games to fully bespoke quiz interactions, we’ve built them all.

All of the examples shown below can be customised to match your brand or if you have an idea for a brand new game why not let 4pt build it for you!

Try out the samples below.


GamePod eLearning Game

Rapid-fire social media quiz built with Articulate Storyline.

Spinning Wheel

Storyline Wheel of Fortune Game

Custom-built quiz with questions drawn at random from individual categories.

Seat of Knowledge

Seat of Knowledge eLearning Game

Mastermind-style eLearning game with timed questions.

Ninja Maths School

Ninja Maths School Kids Times Tables Game Question

Bespoke maths game designed to help children learn their multiplication tables.

Random Question Board

Random Question Quiz Storyline

In this bespoke quiz interaction questions are drawn at random from a numbered board.


Boardmaster eLearning Game

Jeopardy-style eLearning game.

Block Master Challenge

Block Master Challenge eLearning Game

Blockbusters-style eLearning game.

Learning Should Be Fun!

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