Ebola Case Fatality Rates

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Project Overview

Client: Internal project

Project type: eLearning

Authoring tool: Articulate Storyline

Our input: Design and Build.

Project Description

This Articulate Guru Honourable Mention-winning example helps learners understand the deadly effects of the Ebola virus. Adjusting the slider makes it easy for learners to understand how Ebola fatality rates changed over time.


At the outset we wanted the interactive chart to be visually appealing. We were delighted with how well Storyline’s built-in animation effects worked for the rings on the initial build animation. For something so simple, it really grabs your attention and makes you want to explore the data.

Tricks of the trade

Read our guest article on the E-Learning Heroes website to find out how we created our award-winning interactive infographic.

Feedback we’ve had on our interactive infographic

This is absolutely phenomenal!!! I remember seeing your first post and was totally gobsmacked at how awesome it looked and felt while interacting with it.

Forum Member

E-Learning Heroes

Wow, this is a splendid example of elegant design! I love how you took that data and gave it a simple, yet effective visual. And that colour palette is spot on.
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E-Learning Heroes

Love what you did here on so many levels. Elegant, informative, and wonderfully interactive.
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E-Learning Heroes

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