Interactive infographics for eLearning

We love creating interactive infographics so we were delighted when Challenge #103 was set on the E-Learning Heroes Website.

Articulate surveyed more than 500 people to find out what they really thought about eLearning. They asked them why they took online courses and to share their likes and dislikes. The survey results were used to build an infographic covering what people love and hate about eLearning. The challenge was to create an interactive graphic using the data from Articulate’s static infographic.

The original infographic was very tall and the dimensions didn’t really fit the traditional eLearning format, where we prefer to avoid scrolling. In our example we wanted to contain everything within a single view so we narrowed our focus to two areas from the survey:

  1. What Motivates and Engages eLearners, and
  2. What Frustrates eLearners.

With a smaller data set we were able to put all of the information on to a single slide, the inclusion of simple click to reveal functionality added a sprinkle of interactivity to the infographic.

eLearning Opinions: Is eLearning Good or Bad

Click the button below for an insight in to what Motivates, Engages and Frustrates e-learning users.

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