Challenge #139 over on the E-Learning Heroes website was to redesign one of the following interaction templates, originally bundled with Storyline 1. We dived straight in and decided to offer a modern approach to the Sticky Notes Interaction, bringing it up-to-date with a tablet-inspired look and feel, here’s how we did it.

Storyline top interactions

Top Interactions from Articulate Storyline 1


To maintain the familiarity between old and new we opted to stick with five buttons, each with a different colour. Instead of the sticky notes graphics, we wanted to go with a style that replicated the popular app icon look found on smart phones and tablets. To do this we added a rounded corner box and added some placeholder text where the title would go.

Articulate Storyline Add Shape

Articulate Storyline Shape

Next we drew a ‘plus’ icon directly in Storyline and added it to our rounded corner box using the ‘edit states’ panel. Anyone editing the template could switch these icons for their own really easily by editing the states of each box.

Articulate Storyline Shape

For our colour scheme we dipped in to Adobe Colour CC and searched the term ‘iOS’. We chose the following swatch set and made a slight tweak to one of the colours to make a pale purple that tips a nod to the original template. Again, if you download and edit the template you too can choose your own colours and change the look of the icons within a couple of minutes.

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC

As with the original template we’ve colour-coded the popups, this time with a subtle outline so we could leave the main content area white for improved legibility and for a cleaner look. The content of the popups is identical to the original template too to help retain the link between old and new.

Articulate Storyline Popup Screen Grab

We added a small animation to the popup box, choosing the ‘Grow’ option and setting the timing to 00.25 seconds. In the effect options we specified that we wanted the box to grow from the bottom of the screen, this provides a slick way to bring in the popup. We timed the rest of the content to fade in straight after this animation was complete.

Articulate Storyline Timeline

One final update we made was to the popup close button. We used a rotated version of the plus icon from the main screen and colour-coded each one to the relevant popup.

Overall this was an enjoyable task that took less than an hour to complete, click the link to preview the template.

You can download the template for free here, enjoy!

Articulate Storyline Screen Grab

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