Ninja Maths School

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Project Overview

Client: Internal Project

Project type: eLearning

Authoring tool: Articulate Storyline

Multi-format: HTML5, Flash

Deployment: Web

Our input: Design, Build, Hosting.

Project Description

It isn’t always easy to persuade your children to learn new things, especially when they prefer to play instead. This Ninja Maths School game was built for that exact reason.

We’ve combined interactivity with colourful graphics, music and sound effects and put them all together with the 1 to 10 times tables to create what we think is a fun way for children to practice maths.

Be sure to share the game with any children you know!


Children using the game can enter their name and choose their own ninja character.


The question bank contains the entire 1 to 10 times tables, with the game drawing 10 questions at random each time a learner plays.


Players are awarded ninja weapons for each correct answer.

The Legend of the Ninja

Read the story behind the game.

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