Overcoming problems when trying to engage young learners

Like most parents, I sometimes find it difficult to persuade my kids to do their homework without them putting up some sort of fight.

My most recent battle was with my six-year-old, who had been asked to practice his 2, 5 and 10 times tables. He argued that it wasn’t proper homework and that he didn’t need to practice as he knew them already … so, after ten minutes of arguing and a few more minutes of tears (him) we sat and practised his times tables.

I can see why he didn’t want to do them, the homework was an interruption taking him away from being a LEGO® Ninja on the iPad and, well, that’s it.

Taking a creative approach to teaching maths

Not wanting our argument to forever enter his mind at the mention of times tables, I decided to do something about it and build a game that he’d enjoy playing that would also help him practice his maths. What’s more, I even gave the game a ninja theme!

Ninja Maths Elearning for Kids

As a child, learning isn’t always fun, especially when you could be playing instead. It’s up to us as parents and educators to be creative and try to find whatever it is that inspires our children. The next battle on the horizon is trying to convince him that music lessons are a good idea, Musical Ninjas anyone?

Scroll down to play Ninja Maths School!

Ninja Maths Elearning for Kids Articulate Storyline

Ninja Maths Elearning for Kids Articulate Storyline

Ninja Maths Elearning for Kids Articulate Storyline

Play Ninja Maths School

Click the button to play the Ninja Maths game, how good are you at Times Tables?

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