Creating Interactive Infographics

Now and then I like to have a bit of fun and create interactive infographics based on topics that bear no relevance to the day job.

Doing this keeps me fresh and allows me to try new ideas and techniques that usually find their way in to future projects.

My latest infographic, made interactive using Articulate Storyline, tracks the journey of football’s Ballon d’Or award and the nationalities of the winners.

I’d been thinking of a way to show the connections between winners for a while and my original idea was to use a circular format as shown below.

Hand drawn infographic sketch

In the end I didn’t think the circular format maximised the screen real-estate I was working with so I reworked the design. You can see the finished layout below.

Journey of the Ballon d'Or Infographic

Interactive Storyline 360 Infographic

It was a lot of fun designing and building this interactive infographic, click the button below to start your Ballon d’Or journey.

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