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NHS Delivering Difficult Information eLearning Examples
NHS Delivering Difficult Information eLearning Examples

Project Overview

Client: NHS Yorkshire and the Humber

Project type: eLearning

Authoring tool: Adobe Flash

Learning Management System: Blackboard

Our input: Instructional Design, Graphic Design, Programming and Build.

Project Description

Delivering Difficult Information consists of three bespoke eLearning modules that were developed for NHS Yorkshire and the Humber.

Throughout their career, Health & Social Care professionals have to give service users life changing and potentially distressing news. This is never going to be a pleasant part of the job, but it’s an important one.

This programme was designed to be used as either an introduction or a refresher course to some of the foundation skills that Health & Social Care professionals use when delivering key information.

Relevant Healthcare eLearning Content

Keeping it Relevant

Health & Social Care professionals, University lecturers and students were all consulted to ensure the programme was relevant to learners and contained correct and up to date information.

Video Scenarios

To ensure this resource was appropriate for all who deal with service users, the videos and scenarios took place outside of Health & Social Care.

The learning from these videos was then contextualised to Health & Social Care to enable learners to apply the learning within their role.

Interactive eLearning Knowledge Checks

Interactive Knowledge Checks

Learners’ knowledge is checked throughout the course by a series of interactive exercises. In-depth feedback is provided at each stage to help reinforce the key messages.
NHS eLearning Certificate

Completion Certificate

A personalised completion certificate is awarded to learners at the end of each module.

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