Just in case you were wondering about the stuff 4pt build their e-learning systems with, we thought we’d give you the low down here. Mind we don’t know why you’d want to know this? We love designing, building and testing our e-learning systems, but, we find talking about the technicalities of e-learning systems rather dull and it’s not exciting dinner party talk either (or so we’ve found out). Good luck if you read any further.

To ensure we provide flexible, interactive content and enriching e-learning materials we base all of our e-learning systems around industry-standard software. If targeting iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) is top of your list we’ve got that covered, with smart usage of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies. This ensures we keep to our mantra ‘learning should be fun’.

We have a variety of tools and tricks that will ensure you get a robust system, whatever your target platform …

Building our e-learning systems with a great user experience as a priority ensures the learner is engaged, and their mind is focused on the task. This style of enriched learning ensures more of the information is taken onboard and is used by the learner.

We do understand that there can often be the need to change your system; be that down to technical advances, new procedures or amendments in law. We have a variety of tools and tricks that will ensure you get a robust system that allows you to make amendments as required.

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