Access your eLearning #anywhere

Allowing learners to choose which device they use to access eLearning gives them the freedom to learn #anywhere.

This freedom used to come at a cost, with organisations needing to develop and maintain multiple versions of the same content for each device.

Multi-device learning is now a cost-effective way to create content that is accessible on smart phones, tablets and PCs, giving your learners complete control over how they learn, with the added benefit of being able to switch between devices mid-course, without losing their progress.


Launch the examples below on different devices (or scale your browser window) to see how they react.

Articulate Rise

Using the latest web technologies, Rise publishes SCORM and Tin Can (xAPI) compliant courses that play seamlessly in your LMS on any desktop, laptop, and mobile device your learners choose.

Adapt Framework

The Adapt Framework is a toolkit for creating responsive HTML5 eLearning courses for delivery on a web server or SCORM-compliant LMS.


Give your learners the freedom to learn #anywhere with our highly engaging eLearning solutions


Applying game playing elements to eLearning courseware is a proven way of motivating learners and improving learning outcomes

Learning Management

We'll help you source the LMS that fits best with your organisational needs before designing your eLearning around it

Instructional Design

Whether you’re adapting existing material, starting from scratch or localising your content, 4pt can help make your life that little bit easier

Asset Creation

If you already have eLearning development capabilities but need extra resources to help get the job done then we can help

Authoring Tools

We know our software inside-out so we’re able to recommend the authoring tool that suits you best

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