Is it the authoring environment or the content that is browser-based?

Both are browser-based.

Am I losing functionality because it is browser-based?

Not at all! Composica’s GUI is extremely rich and resembles familiar desktop authoring applications. To learn more about how Composica’s GUI’s functionality compares to robust desktop authoring tools, please visit the Comparison and Quick Tour links.

Does Composica require programming?

Never. Even the most advanced functionality does not require programming.

Do I have to build advanced functionality on every page or every section separately?

No. Composica offers an advanced layers and objects approach, coupled with powerful inheritance capabilities. Menu Layers, for example, help standardise the way menus appear throughout a course.

Can I embed content from other display formats/ programs?

Yes. Composica supports numerous embedded display formats and standards such as HTML, CSS, VML, Flash, Video, Audio, Office Documents and more.

Does Composica include pre-defined/designed themes and templates?

Yes. Composica ships with a library of themes, also including numerous backgrounds and button sets in the default public library. Additional objects are distributed to Composica customers from time to time, free-of-charge. In addition, Composica ships with several master layers, menu layers and many widgets, which make it easier to start creating interactions.

Can team members work simultaneously on the same project?

Yes. Composica is unique in its real-time collaboration capabilities. Although you feel like you are working on a locally installed desktop authoring environment, you are in fact working on a truly shared space, where your input can be viewed by other team members instantaneously. Every resource is shared and available to all members of the team, making reusability a reality. In addition, Composica features a sophisticated page-level locking capability.

Can the graphic designer work after or during content insertion?

Yes. Composica separates between content and graphics; and these can be created or modified throughout the project simultaneously.

Can the project manager monitor the project’s progress?

Yes. At any point in time the manager can enter to review and monitor the progress and quality of the material using the Task Reports, Project Manager interface, and Project Preview, without compiling.

Do I have to compile a project in order to preview it?

No, a project can be previewed instantly without first being compiled.

What is the typical learning curve?

The typical learning curve is 2-3 days for the creation of basic content and 10-14 days to become an advanced power user.

Can the course run offline or from a CD?

Absolutely. Courses can be published online to be used in an LMS or a web site, or offline to be used locally or from a CD.

Does Composica include multi-lingual support?

Yes. Composica features extensive multi-lingual support, including right-to-left content. This does not only apply to the writing direction, but also to the entire layout direction (elements may be positioned relatively to the right and flow to the right). It is even possible to take a left-to-right layout and, with a single click, reverse the layout flow to use right-to-left, optionally including flipping of images. Click here for more information about localised content.

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